I can't accept any new customers at the moment as I'm nearly a year behind with the restoration queue!

I'm more than happy to see your photos and give you an estimate but I can't accept your pieces.

We restore all types of cane furniture, from traditional rattan cane through to more unusual items. Have a browse of our Flickr gallery to see some examples of our work.

In the Flickr Gallery there is a record of some of the more unusual chairs we've restored and some also have the 'Before & After' pictures that we take of every chair we fix. If you're unsure of what chair you have, have a browse around and get in contact with us.

The very best thing to do is to email me 

 with photos of your furniture, then I can see exactly what/how big/small or complicated it is and then reply to you with a quote.


Currently I'm afraid I only weave traditional rattan cane and not rush furniture.

There is currently a 3-4 month queue, so get in touch and book in your item!

Or come and see me at work in the shop Monday-Friday 10am-3pm

The pictures below show the different types of cane repair:

The 6 Way Weave This is the cane pattern you will see most often and is probably the one on your chair. Holes are drilled all the way around the chair frame and the cane is woven through these in 6 stages until the pattern is complete.

Kidney Back Bedroom Chair

Sheet Cane/pre Woven being fitted into the continuous groove on a settee back. Sheet cane can only be fitted into furniture with the groove and not used for traditional hand woven cane furniture with the holes drilled in the chair frame.


Blind Cane The holes to receive the cane don't go all the way through the frame of the furniture, so each length of cane is cut glued and pegged into place.

This is a very time consuming method but very rewarding to do. In the picture below the right side has been done and I've just started on the left panel.


Medallion Backs/Sunrise Patterns These are so rewarding to re-cane but you can see it's more time consuming than the regular 6 way weave!

close up medallion

Staining Cane Below the customer only needed two of the three panels to be re-caned, so to match the old remaining panel I stained them to match, there is a small extra cost for this.

Art Deco bef-aft